Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, today is my birthday. I'm now "in" my forties.

I'm officially middle aged. So my husband told me this morning when I woke up. Gee thanks, honey. When do I get my red sports car and my arm candy affair with a 25 year old? Aren't they included in the Middle Aged Spread?

I fucking hate that. So I just won't think about it. Yeuch.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words about the new abode. I am very excited. Strange thing is that the new place will actually save us quite a bit of money over the place we live now. It was a practical decision! Not me indulging myself! (Much.) Seems like we are moving up, into that gorgeous, elegant place, but in fact we are moving smart! I feel very lucky. The Gods of the Abode are watching over me. I shouldn't feel so attached to a place that I don't even live in yet, but, oh, I do, I do! It's got soul. It's got part of MY soul.

In other news, working from home today as a moving company will come give an estimate regarding timing, etc, for the move. One of the benefits of being (shudder) 'middle aged' is that you get smart about certain things, and one of them is that you don't move yourself anymore, you let other people do it for you. I've used the backs and trucks of my friends (and my brother and HIS friends) a few too many times now, so they get a rest. (Though, Kit, and friends, you are welcome to come to Norway to help this time too. I promise there are no giant sleeper sofas which will get stuck in doors! And it won't be 150 degrees outside, either.)

Working from home. Humph. If my work computer will let me. I have to change my network log in password on it and that invariably causes me troubles which only a harried visit to IT can fix. They make me change my password every few months, when I am perfectly happy with the one I have. Why must I change it? I HATE changing it! don't make me change it on my BIRTHDAY! I'm middle aged now, I only have so much memory space left, cut me some slack.

Oh look, the sun's out. Maybe I can change that password later?.....

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