Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing up

I got my birthday care package today. I got some fun stuff from J. Peterman, and the DVD of True Blood FINALLY. All sent courtesy my mom, who saves up my random online purchases that I have delivered to her and then sends them to me in a bundle every so often. This way I can still have my online purchase yaya's but not have to pay the exhorbitant fees to send to Norway.

It was like my birthday all over again, opening that care package. And Mom and Dad sent me a lovely card, and Rich had gotten me a beautiful Hadeland vase, and my friends gave me some fun things, so it was, all in all, a very nice, peaceful birthday. Just what I wanted.

I have had a bit of a hard time at work lately. Don't get me wrong, I genuinely like my job, my coworkers, my boss and the company I work for. But, I am learning, the hard way, that I have to say no sometimes and wow, is that hard or what? So my new "no" is getting some backs up but I really, truly, CANNOT do what I am being told to do, it's a job in itself, and it needs to be discussed as a department issue, and everyone for some reason is very fiery about it. So I feel guilty, and bad, but also strong, and determined, to get this worked out, but it is hard to balance that with my very powerful desire to please and have everyone just LIKE me. I don't like 'strong discussions' and a few toes are being stepped on, but I have to toe (haha) the line and keep on with my 'no', so that we get some positive outcomes out of this.

As I do work with men and technical stuff, however, I thought this saying my Aunt sent me was rather fun:


I posted it on my office door. Yes, we have the sort of office where this is considered humorous.

We'll be in the new flat by September 11. I know I should be doing more in preparation, but right now.....nah. (See, that no is workin' rather well for me right now.)

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