Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lookee what I got

I bought this car.

Backstory: My dad has always been a car guy, and his favorite cars were always Citroen, from France. He concentrated on mid century ones, the DS, CX, SM, Traction Avant, 11cv, Mehari and, above, the 2CV. I grew up with them, I love them, and they are like home to me.

My brother had this one that he was going to sell, which, I discovered, would mean that my family would be without a 2CV for, possibly, the first time since I existed. I didn't like that thought. I mean, I learned how to drive stick shift on one of these (well, attempted to learn, but got so mad at Dad in the learning (he's not exactly patient) that I got out and walked home.) When I was a kid, Dad asked me what I thought of it and I said, "It's so ugly I think I'm in love with it". I was about 4 at the time. I can hear one coming down the street and just KNOW it's a 2cv. They have a unique sound.

The 2CV is not exactly a power beast. It's a 2 cylinder vehicle. It's got maybe 50 horsepower, and its top speed, downhill, with wind behind you, is 60mph. It gets about 60 miles per gallon. It's the original Prius. The original gas conserver. I think the gas tank holds about 7 gallons. This one is from 1961. There's not that many in the US anymore.

So, I bought my brother's car. (Sweet boy gave me the family deal.) Mom and Dad will keep it, and when I move back to Austin, eventually, I will have this as my second, putter about town car. (While you CAN drive on the highway in them, and I have, in fact Dad and I went to California in one, I don't recommend it. I also don't recommend taking one of these on the Autobahn in Germany, that's like taking your ass in your hands and kissing it goodbye.) I'm gonna trick it out a little bit, and have already decided to have the interior redone in leopard spots. I might also paint the white part black.

In a few years, if you are in Austin, and you see pass by this car on the road (and you WILL pass me, I just can't go very fast in it) stop and say hi. It's just me, the Texpatriate, carrying on the family tradition for eccentric cars. I'll be wearing my Citroen can't miss me.

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