Tuesday, June 09, 2009


*This is a little kick in the ass I am giving myself today*

Ok, Karla. Time for a little mental re-arranging.

You have GOT to think of the good things in life right now, you are FAR too occupied with the bad. Yeah, some things are really shit right now, but who hasn't got problems? Gimme 10 things that are good in your life, right now.

  1. I've got my boundless health. For this I am completely grateful.
  2. I've got the love of a good man.
  3. I've got the love of my family (this does include in-laws). They are ALWAYS there for me.
  4. I've got incredible friends who I can count on in more than two countries.
  5. I've got a great job, boss, co-workers and a bit of money in the bank.
  6. I've got an endless and quick sense of humor that really does keep me sane, even if I seem crazy to others. I can laugh at myself.
  7. I've got summer ahead.
  8. I've just bought some flower boxes and some flowers for a little deck top garden.
  9. I've got my smarts (or what's left of them).
  10. Shoes. Oh I have such pretty shoes. And dresses.
I have to remind me that whenever I start what my Dad calls "stinkin' thinkin' " that I am still luckier than 95% of the population on this earth. There will always be other jobs, other houses; hell, even other COUNTRIES to live in, but I have only this one life! I have to remind myself what is important. And what is important sure as shit AIN'T corporate bullshit and domestic inconveniences, it's the people I love and the good I can do for them.

Now Karla, get off your fat ass and go for a walk and plant those friggin' flowers. Jesus, you are such a whiner.

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