Tuesday, February 20, 2007

updates and changes

I'm working on updating the labels on this blog, so that you can go through and search the archives by subject. I've had a few people mention that I should do that, so am attempting it.

And it's taking a damned long time, as I need to go through each of my almost 900 posts (!!!!) to see what I wrote and what labels it needs, then add them. So if your RSS feeds are going nuts for my blog, sorry about that. I have to republish each post to get the labels on there. There might be a better way, which I will attempt to find out today.

So far my most populous label seems to be "wierdness". Figures, don't it.

A Siberian cold front is moving through the Oslo area this week. Holy crap it's cold. This only reinforces my intense desire to never live in Siberia. If this is their leftovers, I don't want to be there for the freshness!

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