Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PHi Phi Island and little fishies

WE took a boat out today to some of the surrounding islands. Fitting that Phi Phi Island is in the vicinity of the penis cave. Though the penis caves real name is princess cave. )sorry for typos someone mucked up this keyboard and I have no aopostrophes..or parentheses, it now seems...

Anyhow we snorkeled, we floated, we ated, we sunned, we basked and then we burned. We are some white white people with some red red skin. I always think that if I sunburn my fat parts they will crisp up and shrink like bacon, you know_ So far that has not yet happened, but I think I am on to something there. Literally burn away your fat. How great. I think it could happen, and I never lose hope. My butt also acts as a flotation device. If I ever drowned, youd find my ass first. I cant float on my back for long. I tump over and my butt goes straight up for the sun. My own personal floatie..... I digress.....But oh my was the snorkeling wonderful. However, and i sorta knew this, I am a nature girl as long as the nature does not actually TOUCH me, so I freaked a bit when the fish swarmed me looking for food. Ever been crawled on by a fish_ Wiggy.....totally wiggy. Where the hell is the exclamation point dammit_

WE also saw the island where that Leo Dicaprio movie the Beach was filmed... it was not the nicest of all the beaches and it was swarmed with tourists. Go see other beaches, less crowded ones.

I met someone from Texas who teaches in Burma )myanmar) and is from Longview and thinks she knows Karla Mays mom. Small world or what_

Anyhow today was another good day. With so many great days and moments that I tell myself I absolutely MUST not forget, how am I going to remember them all_ The girl next to me just asked me what day it was...I think its wednesday. ....its that sure sign of a holiday when you donät know the day.

This computer is making me look like an idiot. Ill post this but sorry for the crappy post.

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