Friday, April 21, 2006

Random posts of senseless beauty.

Some photos from Angkor.

This is at the Bayon in Angkor. It was one of the few Buddhist (Hinduism being the leading religion of the time) temples built and is very different from the others. It is amazing because there are giant stone 3d faces in the towers. (Pics of those later.) As I was waiting to leave, sitting out in the causeway leading up to it, I saw a monkey amble up to the front stairs. I am really afraid of monkeys, but luckily it was far enough away that I could shoot it using zoom. Which I did. And damn if it didn't turn out cool. I love the way monkey and man mirror each other. I got a few more shots, but by then the monkey had moved on and I mostly got monkey butt shots.

I think this woman is gorgeous. Her face is so peaceful and she mirrors the Buddha so wonderfully. As you go through the ruins at all the sites at Angkor, people have set up makeshift altars where you can leave offerings for the Buddha or burn incense. This was one such altar. She was wonderful. She beckoned me in and I burned incense and she said some words over me. There are female monks in Buddhism, they wear white and shave their heads, however they are not given the exhalted treatment of the monks and are treated "as any other woman". I love this picture. One of my favorites, and one of my favorite memories as well. I got teary eyed many times on this whole trip, my spiritual side was continually challenged and awakened.

Ta Prohm. The most amazing of the sites at Angkor. Go see "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" and you will see it. The trees and the buildings have become one, and now neither can survive without the other. Incredible, the melding of nature and man. This tree was over 100 feet tall.

Cambodian commuters. We saw many trucks like this loaded to the gills with people. Not unusual at all to see 30 in one truck. Packed in like sardines, hanging over the edges. So unsafe, but people there drive pretty slow, so I guess you just hang on and no one falls out.

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