Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pearl Necklace...*not* a Virgin Mary Cheese

I call this the "Romanesque Pearl Lariat". Just random pearls in warm tones, finished off with a tassel of crystal, a Thai Hill Tribe silver fish, a keshi pearl and some other goodies.
Yes, it is not a Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich. I sold it yesterday, sweetened the deal with an Elvis Cheese Sandwich. The Elvis comes with your choice of upper or downer and a side of valium. On toasted white bread.
(For those who are not sure what a lariat is (this means you guys) it's basically like a jewelled scarf. One wears it as one would a scarf. Though, if one is from Texas, one may not wear a scarf very often. Thusly, one would wrap said lariat around one's neck as one sees fit. See also "noose", "cravat" and "string wrapped around the neck". Thus endeth this lesson.)

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