Monday, November 08, 2004

In London, Again

'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.'
Samuel Johnson

Hi. I'm in London at present, posting from an Easy Internet Cafe. The keyboard I am writing in is FILTHY. THe letters stick and the shift key does not work so well, so excuse the typos, I will fix them when I get home.

Just wanted to say how much I LOVE London. Just walking around here makes me happy. It's so vibrant, there is so much to look at and do, so many faces and places to see.

Today I have just been wandering, took the Tube to Covent Garden, where I went to Kirk Originals and bought some really cool new glasses. (They look very Fashion Director, Nerdy Sexy Geek, kinda. Hey if you are as blind as me, why even pretend to get glasses that 'show your eyes'. I am in the Coke Bottle league, y'know? So now I have given up and I just get really nerdy glasses, why hide it anymore.) Some friends of mine here in Norway know the folks who own the company. They say they are the best glasses ever. Who knew? I just liked them. They have aluminum sides and a black front and look really hip. And they are handmade, so as a jewelry designer and craftsperson myself I can appreciate interesting handmade things. But these will be the most expensive glasses I have ever owned. EVER.

Then I went over to the jewelry district in Hatton Gardens and bought a few jewelry making supplies from a 6 foot 7 inch tattooed man who was kind of like the Alterna-Rich. He looked just like Rich, but with long hair and tats and piercings and stuff. I thought he was hot, but then I always did like them tall.
I then decided to have a little pub crawl. So I got out my trusty map and found only the old pubs that are pre-1800, of which there are a few in central London, down back alleys and such. Went to Ye Old Mitre and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and a couple other Ye Olde's. Now I am Ye Olde Drunk.

It's been a good visit with Colleen and Karen. (Colleen is about to embark on a round-the-world trip, damn her, and is leaving London.) We have been hitting the posh places but hard. I even got to dress up in "the sparkle skirt" and a few other fab things I own but hardly ever get to wear. (What's a glam gal supposed to do with a huge wardrobe of fun stuff and no where to wear it? Go to London!)
Ate at San Lorenzo (Di's old hangout) and then had a martini at Duke's Hotel, legendary for their martinis that they make at your table. Drink one, and you are UNDER the table. I did, and I was. Karen made me drink it!) Colleen's friend Karen is a hoot, and I consider her my friend now too. She knows the good places to go. We had tea at Duke's yesterday, but were underwhelmed when we asked for more little tea sandwiches and they charged us 8 pounds for four quarters of a was ridiculous, like $3 a bite! We let them know we were not amused. So, lesson learned: Go to Duke's for the maritnis, but skip the tea.

Alrighty, well, my hands are tired from using this sucky keyboard. Must motor on. I have time for one more pub before tonight's festivities.

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