Saturday, November 13, 2004

Margaret B., You Are My Pop Culture Hero

Ok, so imagine if your friend hands you a DVD set of a cancelled TV series you have never heard of and says, "Here is your birthday present. Watch it. Trust me. You'll love it".
Of course, you would be like, "Well, what's it about?"
She says, "Well, it's kind of a space-sci-fi set-in the-future-thing, except it's like an old style Western, and they also speak Chinese and they just float thru space from planet to planet stealing stuff and getting into trouble. There's a crazy chick, and a travelling courtesan and a gonzo pilot and a genius girl mechanic and a really hot captain with a soul of gold who wears tight pants and tall boots, and his sidekick is a really powerful black woman who's married to the pilot and who also wears tight pants and tall boots. Oh and there's torture and stuff too."

You say, "Oh, ok. Right. I'll get right to it". Huh?

So, on a rainy, shitty, cold dark Oslo day, you pop it into the DVD and you discover....Joss Whedon's Firefly. And you are hooked. And there are only fourteen episodes. EVER. And you feel bereft that there are no more. So really, thanks Margaret, for introducing me to the best show ever, and then yanking it out from under me. She's like a drug dealer, ain't she? (Though I do hear they are making a Firefly movie. More crack for this ho?)

(In a long side note, Margaret also introduced me to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the series. I had seen the movie a long time ago, thought it was a funny premise. She told me that the series was way better.
I'm like, "Yeah right, and how many times has a series based on a movie EVER been even decent? And that movie wasn't all that great. Even if Paul Reubens did have the greatest dying scene I have ever seen. But still, a series based on that? On Fox? Come ON!"
She was right, it was great, I got hooked. Once I moved to Oslo I started buying the Angel DVD's and got hooked on them, too, though not as much as I was on Buffy. And of course, both Buffy and Angel are now ended. As is Sex and the City. DAMMIT! End Sidenote.)

(Another Sidenote: But then, the shows I have always been fondest of do seem to get cancelled with great, and apallingly impatient, regularity. Remember Freaks and Geeks?
My So Called Life? I think that I might be TV series death. If I like it, it gets cancelled. I like Six Feet Under,**** is it still on? Shit, now that I have written that, it will be cancelled. End of Additional Sidenote.)

The point of all of this is that, if Margaret B. ever hands you a DVD and says "Watch it", just watch it. She knows of what she speaks. I have learned from the master. The greatest lesson here is, of course, if Joss Whedon writes it, just watch the damn show, you will like it.

****10 hours later: Rich told me tonight that Six Feet Under is gonna be cancelled. He just read it. Is that true? Have I jinxed it? I am SO sorry, I should not have written anything about it.......Shit.

....On the other hand, if I am so powerful, maybe if I watch Fox news or something I can get that cancelled? What shows do you hate? Survivor? That Donald Trump show? American Idol? Maybe I can use my power for good?

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  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    The Office, on the BBC is very good. Just started its third season (over here, anyway). Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t is good too. They've done two seasons and may be running out of steam.
    -Dan, Dan the Teaching Man


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