Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday miscellaneous, vintage jewelry and Ethiopian crosses

IMG-20120624-01598.jpg by karlakp
IMG-20120624-01598.jpg, a photo by karlakp on Flickr.
Rainy day blahs, tidying, fixing and making stuff.

I needed to fix a few items in my large vintage jewelry collection, some stuff inherited, some bought over time. Some stones and stuff had fallen out, so I gathered what I could find and stuck them back where they belong. I'm a bit woozy from the glue, right now. ;-)

There are some interesting items in my collections, the bracelet on the left is a very collectible signed bracelet by ART with green stones and little Buddhas all over it, the two brooches in the middle (green circle and topaz twist) were my grandmother's, from the 50's,  and they are both signed as well. (Vintage jewelry nerds are all about the stamp on the back.) The Maltese cross brooch is something I've had, I got it on Ebay, quite a few years ago. I liked the blue contrasted with the carnelian color.

The big honking bracelet at top I call the Cadillac, as it is huge and has the most interesting stones. I think it could be worth something on Ebay, even though it is not signed, but once I was out dancing and it fell off my wrist on the dance floor and practically exploded, stones went everywhere. I crawled around on that dance floor for about 10 minutes, weaving between people's boogying feet (though a bunch of people laughingly joined me in the search and it almost became a big writhing game of "GATOR!"), gathering stones all around, and got back all but one, which had broken too badly to be fixed. The bracelet has been glued back together rather successfully, and the one broken stone replaced by a facsimile of the original. Now when I wear it I take thread and tie it on to my wrist so it won't fall off. It weighs a ton, it is really a Cadillac of bracelets. hard to wear to work as it interferes with my accessing my keyboard.

The silver necklace at bottom I just made from some pieces given to me by a very sweet friend at work. She is Ethiopian, and the Ethiopians make the most gorgeous and unique silver crosses. (I suppose there is no surprise in the statement that i have a small collection of those as well? I was well into crosses as an ironic statement in college, and have some gorgeous ones.) Anyhow, she gave me the silver cross and some corollary small beads, which I strung onto a leather cord with a few extra bits for contrast.  I shall wear it to work tomorrow to surprise her.

It's a rainy Sunday. Time to do a few little put-off chores, read a little, watch a video. I'm skipping the workout today, can't face the weather or the spandex, plus I did have a little workout on Friday so that can tide me over until Monday. (Day 2. Ladies, you know what I mean.)


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  2. That really is a sweet cross!, good job with it!


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