Saturday, June 23, 2012

Greg Proops in London

When I was planning to go to London, I saw that Greg Proops was going to record one of his "Smartest Man in the World" podcasts while I was there, so I got some tickets in the hope that Bookhart, my dear friend from college and beyond, might come with me. I love his podcast, he just riffs on stuff, and he really is fucking amazingly intelligent. There is nothing he doesn't know something about.

Even if she couldn't come, I was still going to go, tickets were cheap, it was at the Soho Theatre on Dean Street, and I am comfortable doing these sorts of things on my own. Luckily, she did come with me, which made it way more fun.

I got to meet Greg Proops just before his show. I was in the bar, he was in the bar, I said hi. It was cool. He has a large head, (every celebrity I've ever met seems to have a large head, Anthony Hopkins having the BIGGEST one I have EVER seen), and he is about my height, no taller.

Here is the link to the podcast if you want to listen to it. Apparently there were some technical issues and they had to start it mid-stream, which means you miss some funny shit about penguins and Arctic exploration. (The best part, really.)

If you know me and Bookhart, you can hear us laughing in the recording. (Well, I hear Bookhart, quite a bit, she has a deep and hearty laugh, I can't say that I hear myself, but maybe it's just one of those things that I know how Bookhart sounds when she laughs, but I am not actually sure how I sound, so can't identify myself?) (Also, I am not the 'Woo Girl" in the front. Promise. Why is there always a fucking 'Woo Girl" in the front row?)

If you get it off iTunes, it is the "Smartest Man in the World" podcast, and the episode is "Formulae".

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