Friday, June 08, 2012

trying to make a change

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IMG-20120608-01480.jpg, a photo by karlakp on Flickr.
Today I got a manicure.

The first one I have had since I was 16.

See, the deal is, I am a nail biter. (Wow, I feel like I just went to an AA meeting. Hello, I am a Nail Biter.) I pick, I pull, I nibble, I go at it like a little bunny. Nibble nibble nibble. That shit has to stop and stop now. I have HAD it with having shitty nails.

So I got over my embarrassment, my negative self image, and my reluctance to admit this nasty habit and went to a nail spa at Liberty's in London, and on the spur of the moment made an appointment.

It was the right place to go to, they practically specialize in people like me, people with nails that need extra TLC. The girl who did my manicure was SO sweet, and she told me she used to bite her nails, too, and it's hard to get over, but frequent manicures is the way to do it. Not only that, but she told me to go for red or bright colors that stand out, so you aren't tempted to mess with it, as it shows if you do and it makes you stop.

So. here I am. Jungle red.  I am keeping this shit UP. I don't want long nails, but I want to have SOME nails. God I can't stop looking at them. They will look GREAT with the red lace dress I bought at Jaeger.

Did I mention I love London?

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