Friday, December 30, 2011

IN which I am addicted to Downton Abbey

I've got Downton Abbey on DVD, seasons 1 and 2, that I got in London. I just rewatched season 1, and will hunker down and see season 2 this weekend.

I saw this spoof of it on You Tube, from the BBC, that was so funny it actually made me snort my morning coffee out of my nose. That is rare, as I generally don't laugh before 9am, because i don't like mornings.

If this doesn't make you snort, you may not read my blog anymore. I especially lost it when they introduced O'Brien, about halfway through, when the servants were standing out side the house greeting the guests. BWAH HAHAHA! (Then Carson burped.) (Carson in this case reminds me of my friend Grant.)



  1. I keep hearing good things about Downton Abbey, but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Just what I need... MORE TELEVISION TO WATCH!

  2. I love the show too! Just saw the Christmas special a few days ago!! It was great! Enjoy your blog and your sense of humor!! dd


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