Saturday, December 24, 2011

flower FAIL

This is what I ordered from 1-800-Flowers for my mom for Christmas. A little spot of color and brightness to liven up winter, which can be dreary, as we all know. A bouquet called "Field of Europe". Colorful, bright, with lilies and gerber daisies and roses. (Note the lack of carnations.)

This is what she got. Some crappy white roses, carnations (I HATE carnations, HATE them!) and baby's breath. WHAT THE FRIGGETY FUCK? How did Fields of Europe become a Load of Crap?

I called 1800 Flowers and was all, "WTF?" They said the local florist is the one who makes the bouquets, and so they will let them know I am not happy. I'm thinking, if the local florist can't offer what is pictured, then maybe they should not offer to be a part of the 1800Flowers website. To the website's credit, they are going to redeliver what I ordered, and they gave me a 50% refund.

Now, my parents DO live in the middle of nowhere. I totally get that. But if a local florist says they can do whatever the website offers (and let's face it, these are not exactly exotic flowers that are offered) they better damn well do what they say they will do and not try to sneak something by me, and the customers of the website. I mean, wow. How shitty is that?


  1. Had something similar happen with a Norwegian version of that service. Ordered a great big bouquet of tulips for my mom's birthday, cost a fortune, and she got like 7 little ones. WTF? They redelivered them for free then, but the same happened the next year, and then no reply. Never again!

  2. That's fugly. But still not as fugly as the intentionally horrible flowers you sent me in the hospital that time. Those were epic.

    Glad they are trying to do right by you. Do NOT mess with the Texpatriate!!

  3. I use They are always fresh and you get what is ordered. SP


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