Saturday, April 09, 2011

Why I haven't been that eager to move home. Right here.

I don't know why the GOP thinks it's ok to wage war on women, or why they are so afraid of anything of a reproductive nature. Hey Republicans! Uterus! Fallopian tubes! VAGINA!!!! Menstrual cycles! Pap smears! Labias! EEEEEEE!!!!!! Scary woman stuff! Planned Parenthood deals in SCARY WOMAN STUFF! They help women take control of their lives and their SCARY FEMALE BODIES! We can't allow that!

Hey Republicans, really, what are you so afraid of? Why don't you go focus on something important, like, oh, I dunno, the economy and the fact that the US has lost all respect in the world and is no longer a relevant super power?


  1. Melizza7:31 AM

    Word! As much as I miss home I have reservations about returning when things are so sour.

  2. They're all gay or asexual or pedophiles, or in massive denial. Or just evil.

  3. Liz, all of that! Its embarrassing to live here.

  4. Jaymo3:46 AM

    Don't worry your purty little empty head about it sugar.  Just go get daddy a drink and get back in that kitchen where you belong!  Leave all that important thinkin' stuff to us, now, it'll just give you one of them mibrain headaches and you know how you get!  Or something like that.  Or maybe just as simple as the usual culture wars bullshit.  Thanks for keeping an eye on these kind of shennanigans and posting about it.


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