Sunday, April 03, 2011

Random photos from Barcelona and Rome

Umbrellas outside the Vatican, Rome. We went to Rome last May (has it almost been a year already?) and I loved loved loved Rome and so want to go back. I will, however, avoid the Vatican next time. Once is enough. WAY too crowded. It was also raining like a motherfucker when we went, and I have never stood outside in rain for that long, ever.

The Grim Reaper outside the Castello in Rome. I tried not to take it as an omen. Anyhow, I'm still here..... so far so good. His plastic kiddy pitchfork didn't exactly instill fear.

Play of light on the organ pipes at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The colors were so beautiful they way they played off the metal and the windows.

Some joker thought it would be cool to carve the Texas A&M logo on a pillar at the Coliseum, Rome. Seriously? Jeez. That pillar has been there thousands of years, seen untold history and horrors and joys, and some yutz had to add the AGGIE symbol to the marks of yore?
THAT'S what you want to have carved into history?

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