Monday, April 25, 2011

Travels, bullet post

  • Cities visited since April 14th: London, Houston, Navasota, Washington-On-Brazos, Brenham, Giddings, Bastrop, San Antonio, Blanco, Fredericksburg, Johnson City, Austin, San Marcos, Waco, Waxahachee, Dallas, Muskogee, Joplin, Springfield.
  • Number of times it rained in Texas: 0
  • Number of times I managed to lay in the sun by the pool: 2
  • Approximate wind speed as I lay by the pool: 25 mph
  • Amount of rain after Texas: Started raining as we drove through Oklahoma at around 1pm, and has not stopped since arrival in Missouri at 9pm last night. Still raining now.
  • Number of times I wished the rain would just GO TO TEXAS: 500
  • Number of miles put on rent car: 1400 so far
  • Number of times we had to stop to add air to a leaky tire on rent car: 1 (in the rain)
  • Number of times I mis-ordered a beer at BlackStar Coop called "Recalcitrant Dockhand" by calling it "Recalcitrant Dickhead": once, but then the joke stuck and I kept doing it.
  • Number of Lucchese boots I bought: 1 pair (to replace my black cherry classics with the exact same thing)
  • Number of times I had BBQ: 5 (once a year is my usual, so I am good for a while)
  • How much I love my friends in Austin: 1 jiggity jillion times

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