Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mystery flower

Mystery flower, originally uploaded by karlakp.

Someone left the most beautiful rose on my desk at work today....but who?????

A mystery that is driving me nuts!


  1. tqe | Adam1:12 PM

    I wish I could say it was me...  but I'm too far away.

    I hope the mystery is solved quickly though - It would unnerve me!

  2. karlakp1:24 PM

    Unnerve? Really? Why? I'm curious. (OMG is it a psycho killer stalker? Am I missing something?)

  3. tqe | Adam12:52 PM

    i'd want to know who was too shy to be direct... and who had a key to my office.

  4. karlakp1:15 PM

    Ah, I see. Well, my office doesn't lock (most don't), though the floor and building are card controlled. And as for shy....who knows.


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