Sunday, November 07, 2010


Brrr, originally uploaded by karlakp.

Norwegians swimming. It's at 0c exactly.


  1. Corinne11:43 AM

    Those dudes are not right.

  2. most electro stores will order you a crockpot (that is what i did) and a mini trampoline you can get at XXL store at majorstua.  dont complain before yo have looked =)

  3. karlakp12:23 PM

    MBN...NO. I have TRIED at electro stores and they don't even know what a crockpot is. Not even enough to order one. I quote " We don't have those in Norway". AND i have asked many times at XXL at Majorstua and they have never had mini trampolines. And I've asked at other XXL's and sport stores too.
    Beleive me when I say I have looked for both of these things for a very long time. I've foudn the mini tramps online, but shipping is expensive. No crock pots. I am not complaining before looking. I am complaining after looking a LONG ASS time.

  4. Irisrainbow1:54 PM

    Are these guys still fertile?


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