Saturday, September 25, 2010


I rode my bike down (up?) to the grocery store today. I really like my bike, like, love it, but am still a bit nervous riding around in traffic and so on. But, there is no learning without doing, so I bravely squashed my hair under my helmet (NERDY!) and got my ass on the bike to ride down (up?) to the Meny store.

I made a small adjustment to the seat before I took off, raising it about an inch and a half, and that has really helped make the cycling more comfortable. My legs don't feel so crampy. I had the seat deliberately a bit low so that I could pop my feet down on the ground easily as I got used to riding again. I'm a bit wobbly and need the security of a quick touch down, but today I decided to get a bit braver and ride high like a big girl.

Is it just me or is Oslo pretty much all uphill? Somehow I managed to go uphill to the store and uphill on the way back. And I got lost in my neighborhood twice. Found my way out quickly, but along with all uphill, there are no straight roads here, it's all loopy 5 way intersections, and I keep looping the wrong way.

After I got my groceries and road back home, happily not dying in the process and feeling like I am already getting better with the biking stamina and stronger legs, I treated myself to a coffee at Kaffebrenneriet (translates loosely from Norwegian to "The Coffee Brewer"). Well, 'treat' might be the wrong word, as I don't really like Kaffebren, but I was too lazy to go up the road to get the coffee I DO like. Anyhow, once again, I was reminded of why I don't like this coffee chain.

First of all, cut out the snobby attitude, hey guys? I want my coffee how I want it, and if I want some extra damn chocolate in my mocha, besides your lame half ass token squirt, just give me the chocolate without the smirk, ok? Also? Fill up the cup? If I am paying almost $7 for a coffee that is so small that a Starbuck's Tall size (which, ironically, is the small) can kicks its ass just by standing next to it, I expect that cup to be FULL and not half filled and then foamed to the top.

I like good coffee just as much as your average snob, but you can make good coffee without being overbearing about it. For an example, check Stockfleth's. They make great coffee, how you want it, and nary a snob in sight.

And don't even go into how much I miss Haveli coffee in Asker. They make the best mochas on earth. Maybe some day I will get really brave and ride my bike there.....


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  1. Chris Veal1:13 AM

    Actually, the Tall is not the shortest cup at Starbucks.  That's actually the Short, which they don't advertise.


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