Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ok, so I DO have something to say.

So I'm watching this movie Rich put in, called Kick-Ass. It's a cute movie, yadda yadda, entertaining, whatever.

So while I'm watching, I check out the lead actor on IMDB, a kid named Aaron Johnson. Born in 1990, so he's what, 20? A kid. I have socks older than him. But oh is he a cutie, that one. VEEEERY cute.

So I check out his personal life, as one does, and see a picture of him with his girlfriend.
Who was born in 1967. And with whom he just had a child.

So he's just 20 (met her when he was 19 on the set of a movie) and she is 43. Older than me!!!

All's I gotta say on that is YOU GO GIRL! Keep that flame burning for the rest of us. It's not just men who can have the fun youngsters!

This means that my particular favorite Daniel Radcliffe is open season (wtf is Melanie Griffith doing with her mits all over him)?.....I mean, he's a whole year older than Aaron!

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