Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well, which one is it?

I get so tired of these medical studies that directly go against each other.

Like this one.

Versus this one. And this one.

So in one study they say bigger hips (small waist to hip ratio) make you smarter, AND sexier, and in another they say thse same attributes affect your memory as you get older? For years I have been hearing nothing but how it's better to be a pear shape than an apple, due to fat distribution, and heart health and stuff, and now they are reversing that?

This is all just an excuse for scientists to fondle women's asses.

Come the fuck on. Leave me alone with this. Keep your damned studies to yourself and quit contradicting one another.

Now bugger off while I take my smart sexy forgetful hourglass self off was it I was doing?

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