Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Random pics from our trip to Rome in May

Note the grafitti on the pillar at the Coliseum. Those damned Aggies sure get around.

They said no photography in the Sistine Chapel but it was SO packed and EVERYBODY was doing it. Of course I didn't use flash. But I did take pictures!

I thought the light was amazing. This in the Vatican, a sculpture hall. I was in the middle when I took this, it was a very long room.

The Grim Reaper outside the Castel San Angelo. He didn't seem to be coming for me that day.

I've been going through my digital photos and have dug some up from the past few years, so am gonna throw some out here as summer progresses. I sort of realized I have posted almost NO pics from my two trips to SE Asia, which includes Cambodia, Java, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and all around thereabouts. So I thought I might post a few of the THOUSANDS of shots I've taken.

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