Wednesday, May 26, 2010


bullet post, because my brain can't think in paragraphs.

  • I have allergies.
  • Or a cold, not sure.
  • Perhaps sinus infection? (Noooo!)
  • I do know that my sneezes are so big a mere "achoo" ain't cutting it.
  • I'm more "AH..PLOOEY" right now.
  • Last night I 'sploded all over my Mac.
  • Not nice to clean THAT out of the keyboard.
  • I am alternating between NyQuil and Benadryl.
  • If you take them both at once, they kind of cancel each other out.
  • So I just go back and forth.
  • I am in a pleasant fog, though.
  • Which isn't making me very effective at work.
  • (non sequitir: I hate Outlook, by the way.)
  • Anyhow, even though I'm hugely busy at work and actually had a fun after work function to go to, I had to cancel.
  • I. Just.Can't. Stay. Awake.
  • Tonight's plan: ate dinner.
  • Next a bath with tea tree oil and eucalyptus to clear the ol' sinuses.
  • Then, retreat to bed with book or lame video until 9 or so, then pass out.
  • Spring in Norway seems to just cause me pain.
  • Pollen and cold.
  • It was warm(ish) over the weekend and now it's chilly again.
  • If I had the wish to have any power, I would most certainly chose teleportation, like Samantha on Bewitched?
  • And I'd send my snotty ass (and a small suitcase) somewhere warm, tropical and beachy.
  • I'm thinking here. (Railay Beach in Thailand.)
  • And there I would remain until I felt like wiggling my nose to come back.
  • Which might take a while.

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