Tuesday, May 18, 2010

back from Rome Bullet Post

  • Back from Rome just now.
  • Weather in Oslo is gorgeous.
  • Ironic, that, as it rained the whole damned time in Rome.
  • I mean rained HARD.
  • And was pretty cold. The Romans were confused, they said it never happens.
  • My fault, sorry, I brought it from Norway.
  • Even so, I lost my heart to Rome, completely utterly and totally.
  • Damn what a place.
  • And, rather unexpected in many ways.
  • Like, the Romans?
  • I mean, really nice.
  • Except the little old Catholic ladies who kept yelling at me in churches and stuff.
  • I mean, seriously, I'm standing at the back of the church, with a bunch of other people, and some old lady would come up to me and tap me very hard on the arm (I think it was an old lady punch) and start yelling at me.
  • Just me.
  • No one else.
  • I don't get why.
  • I mean, I was dressed correctly, I wasn't making noise, and I wasn't doing anything that other people weren't doing also.
  • But me?
  • Got yelled at.
  • It must be my evil showing.
  • I actually started avoiding churches.
  • Which if you've ever been to Rome, you know is quite hard to do. The place is LOUSY with churches.
  • I hear it's big business there.
  • OK, anyhow, here's some tips if you ever go to Rome.
  • DON'T buy a ticket for one of those Rome Tour Hop On Hop Off buses.
  • Hop On Rip Off more like, they never show up, they are overpriced and the local buses get you there cheaper, way quicker, and on better routes.
  • DON'T join a tour of the Vatican, the ones that have sales people coming up to you in line and promising to get you in faster to avoid the lines?
  • They don't.
  • Rich stood in line for about 3 hours to get in, and when all was said and done, I was only about 15 minutes faster than him.
  • And 20 euros poorer.
  • If you go to see the Forum/Palatine Hill/Coliseum, buy your ticket for all at the entry to the Palatine Hill.
  • You will avoid another Vatican sized line at the coliseum and can waltz right in.
  • Trust me on that one.
  • That's my best tip, actually.
  • When in Rome, drink wine.
  • It's really cheap.
  • And good.
  • Go to Trastevere and enjoy the ambiance and the great restaurants.
  • Visit Castello San Angelo, it's wicked cool even if it is a truly ugly old building.
  • Aw hell, just go to Rome.
  • I am definitely going again.
  • I love love love Rome!

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