Saturday, February 06, 2010


I wish I was under this tree right now. It is a huge tree in Thailand, not far from the Burmese border. (Sorry, I know that Burma now has another name but I can never remember it.) A big tree in an impossibly green lush field of grass. I remember a warm day and cooling breezes created in the shade of its branches.

Running past the tree is a bubbling, clear, cool stream. The water burbles over the roots rocks and ground, eddying and flowing, dancing and laughing in its cool trek to unknown places.

The stream is full of fish. The fish are protected and well fed.

The stream runs underground into a cave or a grotto, which has become a holy site.

There is a path that follows the stream for some of its length, and people come to visit to walk the path, listen to the water's playful laughter, and enjoy the light and shadow play of the sun on the leaves.

I got to visit this place in 2006. I wish I was there now, in the sun and the warmth and the color.

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