Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My internet rules

I have some rules about Facespace and blogging. Some people don't have rules, some do, and I have only a few, but I do follow them religiously.
  1. Don't link to the blog from Facespace. While I am sure some folks I work with have found my blog, I don't want to advertise it to all of the ones I am friends with on Facespace, you know?
  2. I don't link to Facespace from the blog, either. Separate lives, separate places.
  3. Don't write about work, husband's work, use last names, addresses, or hotel names on the blog. Self censoring is my friend.
  4. Never make friends with someone on Facespace that you have never met in person. I only friend people I know in person, and only allow people I've met to friend me. That's personal information there, yo! I need to have looked you in the eye before I let you see my private info. Seems only fair, in both directions. Why would you want to friend me if you didn't meet me first? I could be crazy!
  5. If I do friend you, cuz I knew you from high school or whatever, and you turn out to be a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie religious right proselytizing sort of person, you will be unfriended. I don't like being preached to. But then, you probably won't like my Obama-lovin' self, either. See how fair that is? Even-Steven.
What rules do you have?

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