Saturday, February 20, 2010

....and I bought most of it.

The Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M came out today.

Today is a really crappy day, it's snowing like crazy, it's really cold and the wind is pretty fierce. The snow pelts right into your face no matter what direction you go.

In other words, a perfect day to hit H&M by 10:30 and grab some fashion. I think it worked to my benefit by keeping people away.

One interesting thing about Norway is that the mainstream of people have fairly narrow interpretations of what they think is fashionable. Some of the collections at H&M were mobbed (Mathew Williamson and the Cavalli ones were stupid busy) but others are almost ignored, they not being on the desirable radar here. This Sonia Rykiel one is middle range...I got there at 10:30 and there was still plenty left and it wasn't that busy. Granted, all the size larges were gone. (They apparently only got 4 larges per item, and they had at least 50 of each item, so wow, H&M and Sonia, size-ist much?. I mean, WTF, can only extra smalls buy your stuff? You'd sell many more of the large sizes if you JUST MADE THEM.) I saw some photos on Twitter other people had posted of long lines waiting for H&M to open in other cities. Mob scenes. Luckily, not here.

I kind of bought a lot of stuff. (grin) The sweaters were heavenly, in fun stripes and bright colors, and a really pretty shade of pink that I normally never wear but she sort of rock starred it up, with black accents or these really cool large knit flowers on the front, so I got a couple of those too. I mostly had to get mediums, which fit quite well, especially if you are going to go for the sweater girl look....snug and boobilicious. I also got those two adorable little dolls pictured, one for my goddaughter and one for Karla May's doll obsessed daughter, the Geej. I'll send them eventually.

Rich wasn't mad (much) when I told him how much I spent. I rationalize it by the fact that I really haven't bought any clothes in January and February, so this is my two months clothes budget. All spent in an hour.

I'm still coming down from the high. Now to find closet space!

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