Sunday, May 10, 2009


I saw the new Star Trek movie on Friday and was absolutely bowled over by it. I can't remember seeing a movie I have enjoyed that much in YEARS. I tend to be a bit doubtful about sci fi movies, I usually lose the plot somewhere and get confused by the backstories of characters I am supposed to know about from cartoons or comics. I'm a history buff, so the forward thinking of sci fi generally leaves me kind of 'eh'. Space ships and solar systems leave me cold...give me a good Rennaissance or Regency storyline anytime.

But Star Trek? Shit that was great. I mean, let's face it, it kind of WAS about history, really, the history of Star Trek, which is pretty much part of the lexicon of being an American. So I enjoyed it in a historical context, an interesting story (and mostly understandable, though time travel always confuses me) context AND it was fucking hilarious. Belly laughing, guffawing, giggling madly, hilarious.

I like that.

I'm going to see it again tonight. I can't wait to see it with Rich and see his reaction.

Which leads me to Leonard Nimoy.

I've spent the past 24 hours thinking about this show I was OBSESSED with when I was a kid. I mean, OBSESSED. It was narrated by Leonard Nimoy and was about wierd and unsolved mysteries on our earth. And I couldn't remember the name of it, though I can still hear the theme music in my head, no problem.

Finally, I asked Rich if he remembered this show and without hesitation he says, "Oh, yeah you mean 'In Search Of...'". (WTF? This is a guy who can't remember our phone number or my birthday, yet he can remember the name of an obscure 70's 'documentary' with no problems? I will never ever understand him. I am not meant to. His brain works in ways I cannot comprehend.)

Anyhow, do you remember 'In Search Of...'?

Man I loved that show. I watched it religiously and NO ONE was gonna get me away from that TV when it was on. (I was also a kid who regarded this book as my Bible. I likes me some unsolved paranormal mysteries, me does. That book is solely responsible for my having gone to Angkor Wat, you know. It literally changed my life and alot of my travel is based on shit I read in there when I was a kid.) 'In Search Of....' was the SHIT for a curious kid with an obsession with all things odd. It was soo cool to see, on film!, things I had only read about, and to know that maybe, if it was on TV, that other people out there were interested in the same things as me. so maybe i wasn't THAT strange after all.

I wonder if I can find a DVD of it. I bet now it comes across as hokey.

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