Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big weekend for Norway

Norway won the Eurovision song contest last night, by a rather large margin. I make a point of not listening to or watching any Eurovision stuff leading up to the contest so I can be surprised at the time, and also so that I can let my gut lead me on which song I like best.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the songs are of the 'strong woman singing a vaguely Eastern sounding power song while her hair is blown by fans' variety, so they are hard to tell apart.

Germany, as always, gave us something unusual and Dita Von Teese appeared on stage in full corseted splendor. I rather liked Ukraine also, mostly because of the very hot gladiators in loin cloths dancing on stage. I'm sure the song was ok, too, though I couldn't remember it if I tried.

Norway's entry was cute and a little folksy and very charming. Catchy, too, though I don't see myself buying it. That won't be a problem, though, as it will play on the radio every 10 minutes for the next year.

We had some friends over to watch and we all hollered and screamed during the voting and had a good time. The party wasn't as crazy as some of my previous Eurovision parties, but that might be a good thing. Means less pain for me later, in the hangover department. The last train out was at 12:30 so people had to rush to catch that or spend alot of money on a cab to get home. It does tend to cut an evening short.

We did get a giggle around 1:30 am as a Russ bus pulled up in the road and bunch of drink girls stumbled off and proceeded to squat and pee in the bushes, behind park benches, and in one case, in the doorway of the building directly across from us. Of course we got a full moon view of it all from the balcony and we did a little hollerin' and hootin' to cheer them on. "You GO girl!"

Today is 17 May, Norway's National day, and everyone and I do mean EVERYONE is out, right now, in the plaza below, dressed in full bunad glory. It's a gorgeous day today (last year it pelted rain and snow!). There was a parade and now everyone is milling about in their finest, watching and seeing and greeting friends and basking in their Norwegianness and their Eurovision win. Russ busses are parked out on the road (strangely they all have American themes so there is one dedicated to the NFL and John Madden, wtf?) and they blast their music in competition with the little accordion band who are doing their damndest to be as loud as they can, but are no match for the bus that is really just a stereo on wheels.

I feel a little sad watching everyone; I should be down there and enjoying it for it might be my last. I feel a bit pressured to do all the things I might miss if we leave. Store up memories, do things I've always meant to do, but never got around to, etc.
My squishy head and coffee starved body say otherwise, however, they say, "Have a late morning and recuperate from last night!" If I do go down I have to dress up a bit (if you don't have a bunad you should wear something nice on May 17 as a mark of respect) and right now I'm pretty comfortable. I do see, however, a stand making crepes with chocolate.....hmm, that could be a good breakfast.

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