Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I suppose I'll be random today

As usual, I have everything and nothing to say.

  • Yoga class is tonight, I hope it’s in more English than last time, otherwise I am not sure that I will continue. The idea is to work off stress, not feel it. I do, however, have actual clothes to wear to the class, having gotten my left bag back from the train people. Yes, someone did indeed turn in my bag o’ duds and so I now have something (other than my underwear) to wear tonight.
  • I’m wearing the dress I posted a picture of yesterday. LOVE it. Of course, almost destroyed it today, when, in typical Karla fashion, my buttered and raspberry jammed bread fell, upside down, on the very edge of the table. It missed crashing into my lap by a millimeter. Strangely enough, I NEVER eat jam and bread for reasons very similar, so of COURSE it had to fall today. Lesson learned? Only eat jam on days when wearing black.
  • There’s this orb of bright light in the sky. I think it is called ‘the sun’. Have you heard of this thing? It’s interesting, it makes people cheery.
  • Oh yesterday in my shopping I got that scarf in the picture, the dress and a top that I also luuurve. I haven’t really bought any clothes in ages, it was nice to find a few things I actually deemed worthy of adding to my (admittedly bursting) closet.
  • Sometimes I wish I was a boy. It seems so much easier to be a boy. You always have girls to take care for things for you. Boys really don’t seem to understand how much they depend on girls for stuff. Girls just take care of things and the boys never know. Things just appear, and they take them for granted, not understanding that a GIRL DID IT FOR THEM.
  • Hmm. Maybe I don’t want to be a boy. Maybe I just want to smack a couple of them.
  • I was up early this morning. This ‘sun’ thing woke me up. Now I am tired. Summer is coming, and with it comes light light light!!!!!! I do love summer here.
  • Have I at all mentioned how obsessed I am with Twitter lately? I like it way better than FaceSpace. I’m chatting with famous people! And sometimes they respond!
  • My hair is back to normal today. No rollers or curlers last night, just the usual blow dry this morning. Back to my curly frizz.
  • A girl at work today was wearing a Daniel Johnston tshirt. My homesickness on seeing it hit me so hard I lost my breath. If you are from Austin, you KNOW that little creature. I had to talk to her about it, she seemed unimpressed at my excitement over it. To her it’s just a t shirt, to me? A slogan that says home. Home in a big, quirky, ohmygodimissaustin way.
  • There’s another guy who wears a Roky Erikson T-shirt at work. Norwegians love Austin music, maybe more than many Austinites do. They GET it, you know?
  • But none of them love Austin more than me.
  • I need to get back home. Certainly for a visit in short term, but for damn sure permanently in future.

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