Friday, November 21, 2008

Recipe(s) for disaster?

So I joined Weight Watcher's online today.

I'm not so sure about this. Really not sure.

To whit: You can drink a WHOLE BOTTLE OF RED WINE and it costs only 9 points (out of my whopping 23 I am assigned per day, oy vey I'm gonna starve!) yet my tiny little cheese sandwich at lunch (two small slices cheese, 2 thin ham slices on wheat bread toasted on a panini toaster) is 10 points. Out of 23. And I really wanted two.

23 points? What is this madness? I am a grown woman! 23 fucking points is NOTHING. I am gonna starve I tell you STARVE!

I ate almost all my 23 points by noon today in one sandwich, a coffee, a bolle and another coffee. I gotta start drinking tea. Looks like my daily food will now be one sandwich and one bottle of wine a day. I have 4 points left for tonight and it's pub night.

After all this time of being brain washed into CARBS ARE BAD CARBS ARE BAD Weight Watchers is saying, CARBS ARE GOOD. So out with the cheese and the cashews and the chili and in with the veggies and the bread and the wine. And all in teeny tiny portions. Except the wine. The wine I can slosh around in pint glasses for all they care.

Which I think I will start

My Weight Watcher's plan looks like it will have to involve a stomach bug caught whilst in Thailand over Christmas. I'll have to lick toilets or something to get the proper bug. The right one might clear me of 10 pounds or so, and I can have extra points if I lose 10 pounds in 3 days, right?

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