Wednesday, November 26, 2008

of course

Over Christmas our travel plans include visits to Thailand (Bangkok and Krabi), Indonesia, Bali, Cambodia and Kuala Lumpur.


Let’s look at the latest news, shall we?


Bangkok airport mobbed by protesters and now they are reporting ‘blasts’.


Earthquakes in Indonesia.


Travel warnings to Bali.  


Border conflict Thailand and Cambodia.


So far looks like things are quiet in KL. I think I am most worried about the airport situation in Thailand. It looks like it is getting out of hand. The rest I’m not too bothered with.


I’m going to Bergen early early (oh so early) Friday for work, and am treating myself to a ride home on the train the next day (cheaper than a flight, so why not?). I booked the train trip for daylight hours so I can see the icy winter mountain views. Seems like a nice day, me and a book and phenomenal views of Norwegian winterscapes.


I’m trying to save some WW points for then, so I can have a nice meal in Bergen Friday night,  but I am SO DAMNED HUNGRY these past couple of days, I really don’t know how well I am going to do. Is 1200 calories a day really enough? I mean, I know I need to work on portion control, but I’m craving protein and all the protein-y things I rely on are really high on points. And there are only so many hard boiled eggs I am willing to eat. I am eating a lot more fruits and veggies lately, so I guess that is good. Pomegranates being my favorite snack, they satisfy both the crunch-lust and the need for sweet red things. My biggest problem seems to be that if I go out in the evening, I pretty much have to choose between alcohol or food, and so I end up tipsy and hungry at the end of the night. And then I wake up hungry and am hungry all day.


What I really want is a big plate of Hard Rock Café nachos with chicken and beans and CHEESE and sour cream and oh so many chips. And a margarita as big as my head. Alcohol WITH food, what a decadent notion.


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