Monday, November 24, 2008

The bane of my existence or, infuriating piece of shit.

Where I work they use this web censoring software called Websense. I FUCKING HATE IT. I can understand not wanting your employees to use porn sites or Facebook or MySpace, and I can understand using it at schools, but it continually blocks me from stuff I ACTUALLY NEED FOR WORK as well.
Basic stuff, like, "search engines and portals".
It blocks me from industry sites I need to access.
It blocks me from looking up restaurants or stuff that I might want to book for company events.
And today, it blocked me from my email. This I cannot forgive. And I can't get around it, not by using another proxy or anything. I really hate being treated like I am not smart enough to use my own judgement when online. Believe me, I am not going to look at porn or play games, so can't you just trust me to do what I need to do and be a grown up about it?

So, in honor of fucking websense, I googled the term 'fuck websense', and here, for your enjoyment, are some links to what I found:

urban dictionary's opinion on websense.

Some guy's blog got blocked by websense for the wrong reasons.

This one's entertaining not for the article but for the MANY comments.

Arg, it's so frustrating to have a computer program telling you what you can and can't look at online. There's no way you can fight it. Nothing you can do but fester in your own steam and fury.

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