Monday, August 09, 2004

The old church

Tanum Church. View from the front gate. You can't see the steeple, but it's there.

I've been inside a couple of times and it is just charming, a mixture of stylistic remnants of painting from the 13th century, a Baroque altar donated by a rich family in the 17th century, and some really fun decorative paint effects that are suppose to look like marble and wood grain, and almost achieve it. As a decorative painter myself, it's always fascinating for me to see what was done in the past and how it has survived. Many techniques used hundreds of years ago survive today.

It's quite famous as it was the subject of a painting in the 19th century by an artist named Harriet Backer. You can see that painting here. It is in the Norwegian National Gallery. You can also see that not much has changed since she painted that by clicking here for a modern photo of that same doorway.
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