Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It was a chilly August afternoon....

....OK so I just wanted to post that title, really. Anyone from Texas knows that "chilly" and "August" are two words that NEVER are heard together with relation to Texas weather.

But here in Norway I am officially....chilly. Brrrr. Summer is over. It's been raining and the sky has those flat grey clouds that I associate with winter and cold.

In other news, we leave for Egypt next week, for that Nile Cruise. I suppose it will be warmer there than about 50 degrees. To say I am excited would be a severe understatement. Perhaps "disbelieving" "stunned" or "pole-axed" might be better words to describe my feelings towards this particular trip.

Egypt is that place that you read books about or see on a TV special about Tutankhamun, but to actually go there? Wow.....I feel the same as if someone said I was going to Mars next week.......

"Oh. Going to Mars are we? Oh. Ok, I guess I need to pack light for that, huh? Space suit? Ok. Oxygen? Yup. Solar wind protection? Gotcha."

Yeah, right. Like I can fathom that.

Packing for this will consist of linens and linens, sun glasses and sun screen. And a swim suit.

It's not even 60 degrees here. It will be 110 in Luxor. Is that wierd or what? I haven't felt even 90 degrees in over two years.


Sorry....I'm not crowing and I am not bragging, I am trying to compute. Honestly. I feel like I am talking about someone else. Not me. Some other lucky goddamn bastard!

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