Friday, June 18, 2004

Notable thefts in Norway

From today's Aftenposten online, a listing of things stolen in 2004:

May 28: Two Bob the Builder figures stolen from Grieghallen in Bergen
May 27: Two thieves in Belarus make off with an outdoor portable toilet, while a 45-year-old man is using it
April 20: Two Norwegian buddies from Nes steal a baggage trailer tractor from Gardermoen International Airport
April 13: Bomb dog Omar stolen while sitting in his owner's car in Kristiansand
April 1: A man steals a poisonous tarantula in Bergen, puts it in his pocket, gets bitten
March 8: Two men steal two collection boxes from Oslo Cathedral
Feb 11: Dental equipment worth NOK 50,000 stolen from the Faculty of Dentistry in Oslo
Feb 9: Several Stavanger women have their high-heeled shoes stolen
Feb 5: A man enters the Bristol Hotel in Oslo, asks for the keys to a BMW, drives off and disappears with it

Let's add to this list the three attempts on my car, during one of which they stole my owner's manual, the remote to my stereo (yet not the stereo itself) and an old pair of socks. Don't EVEN ask me why I have a remote to my car stereo. It just came with it, ok?

The Aftenposten is worth checking out, they usually have fairly good articles about Norway, aimed at people who don't live here. It's not very useful if you live here and want real news, but I guess I should learn Norwegian and read the real newspaper, huh?

Here's a link to Aftenposten:
(Hey I just learned how to do a hot link!)

Also good in Aftenposten are the pictorials. Definitely worth a look as you sit bored at work.

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