Friday, June 18, 2004

I did it I did it!!!!

I posted a freaking picture! God it only took me two hours to figure it out, too! Now I wish I picked a better picture, but oh well, I guess there's time ahead for that, right? Not that there are any better pictures of me out there. I am the world's most unphotogenic woman. Truly. Completely ruined my supermodel career. Well, that and my big butt. Of course, NOW bums are popular, but back when I was an aspiring model/actress/paleontologist, butts were not as appreciated as they are today.

But I digress.

Now some things you should know about me and my "writing style" before this blog goes any farther:

I am a BIG fan of the run-on sentence. I also digress frequently. And use lots of these.....(the dots). You'll get used to it. It's kind of the way I talk. But in words. And not in proper sentence form. Ever. And yes, I do indeed have a degree in English. I figure, you learn the rules, then you smash them all completely to bits. It's one of the greatest things about being a "grown up".

And I cuss alot. Is cussing allowed on blogs? Testing 1..2..3..FUCK!!!. ????? lightning. No internet gods striking down my keyboard. Looks like I am ok. This blogging thing is gonna be cool.

Ok I am off to the Sandvika Storsenter (aka the tiny crappy "mall" in the neighboring town) to drop off my 13 rolls of film I took on my recent travels. I hope to have a decent picture or twelve to post when I get them back. In the meantime I will post one or two things that happened to me while traveling. But first, must get stinky self in shower to face the part of the day that is left after fucking with the photo uploads. (Teehee! I said fuck again! Whheee!!!!)

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