Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's always a no unless you ask.

Well, as previously written, I have been dreading going to Oslo. I just don't want to deal with all the things that need to be dealt with.

But, sometimes you just gotta let the little things give you joy. My flight ticket was the cheap, bog standard economy ticket, company policy, and even though I managed a bulkhead seat, I was NOT looking forward to the flight, and arriving tired, and then having to deal with all the crap I have to deal with.

So, here is one of my little travel secrets that I now share with you. Learn from me, your Texpatriate, inveterate world traveler and gadabout:

BA (and probably most airlines, but my experience on this is solely with BA) offers at the gate upgrades, where, if they have seats available, they will sell you an upgraded seat for a very discounted price. So when I checked in today I asked for a "gate upgrade" and lo and behold, seats are available that they gladly sell you for way less than you would ever pay online. Think of it as an empty seat firesale. They want to fill the seats, and I want my ass in a lay flat bed.

So here's me flying to Oslo in Business class for less than 1/4 of the business class price, and, since my company is paying the economy ticket, I don't mind paying the extra for the upgrade, as it gives me the chance to sleep, to have a decent meal, to get lounge access both in Houston and in London for my 4 hour layover and it gives me a boost in comfort and lessens the dread of what is ahead, what with the move and all.

Plus, a rather sassy white wine I am drinking, right now, in the lounge, for free.  And free wifi  and computers, and I think I will have a sandwich now, too. And there's poshy hand lotion in the lounge loo.

I love business class.

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  1. I am so going to do this on my flight to Sydney with Emirates next week! Thanks for the tip!


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