Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dyna Fyr

I went to Dyna Fyr 2 years ago when my dear (and now living in Montreal) friend Elaina invited me and some friends to go. I remember it as a truly great evening, one of the best I have had in Norway, so when I saw they were accepting bookings again, of course I jumped on it and booked. I brought 4 friends: Sue, Tove, Karen and Gilly, and as I suspected, Dyna Fyr did not disappoint.  Dyna Fyr is one of those experiences everyone in Oslo wishes they had done, but never get around to? Most of the people there said they had always wanted to go, but never got around to it until now.  They all know about the cute lighthouse in the fjord, but with the rarity of available reservations, not that many get the time or the chance to go there. All I can say is, if you ever get the chance, GO.

Hereby, some pictures.

 Me looking very hairy and a bit mischievous. This was after maybe 3 glasses of wine. I'm not actually sure how much I had as they refilled my glass so much it never emptied. No matter how hard I tried to empty it. I kept trying to drink it down and it miraculously filled again. 

 View back to Oslo and the castle. Norwegian flag proudly waving. 

 Approaching the lighthouse. One of the stories told about the family that lived there 100 years ago was that the mom (they had 4 kids) couldn't swim, but she thought her kids should know how, them living in the fjord and all. So to teach them to swim, she tied a rope around them and tossed them into the water. If they started to drown, she hauled them back up. Seems a rather brilliant, if rough, way to learn!

 They served us lashings of white, red, and sparkling wine, plus port and baileys/cognac. Then Karen and I had the brilliant idea (after meeting a friend of hers on the tram home) to stop at a bar for a further rosé nightcap. No, your Karla is NOT smart. Today was PAINFUL. 

 View out the window, towards the sunset. 

 Out on the back deck, sunset. W had dinner inside, it was quite chilly and it had bucketed down rain just half an hour before we caught the boat out to the lighthouse. 

 As the evening progressed and more wine was imbibed, ladies got cheekier and cheekier. Here's Gilly and Karen snuggling up. 

 Tove and I striking a pose. We weren't quite drunk yet, though were working hard towards achieving that goal. 
The sky was pink and gold after the sudden sharp rainstorm that swept through just before we boarded the boat out to the lighthouse. 

Dusk on the fjord. It was an extraordinarily beautiful sunset. 


  1. Hey Karla,
    This looks so awesome (though sorry about the hangover). We have never managed to get to Dyna Fyr when we've visited Oslo, but will have to fix that one of these times we're there.

    I surely have enjoyed reading up on your blog these last few weeks - it's funny and you cut to the chase - good for you!

    I'm curious about how you ended up in Norway from Texas? Husband and I are considering such a move (from MN, he's an engineer), we have some good friends there, have visited many times and we figure why not, it could be fun, and I wouldn't mind escaping the nonsense that politics in the States have degenerated into.

    Anyway, if your inclined to share about how you ended up there, would love to hear it - you can email me at

  2. Take me along next time for comic relief. I promise I won't embarrass anyone but myself. Seriously, it looks like a terrific evening.


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