Thursday, July 19, 2012


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IMG-20120719-01661.jpg, a photo by karlakp on Flickr.
I'm in Amsterdam. A lovely day, flight was (relatively) smooth, all going well, when about 20 feet from the hotel front door I rolled my ankle and it went "pop!" very painfully. Dammit, I haven't popped my ankle since college. This is not good, I just got here! I staggered in to the hotel, checked in, holding back tears of pain, they were very nice and got me ice and an Ace bandage. I gimped up to the room, helped by a porter, and room is really cool, with the craziest bathroom. It's like a glass cube, raised, set in its own room, which is the same size as the bedroom, and you can walk *around* the glass bathroom cube within the room. Both rooms have windows that are at least 8 feet tall. Light everywhere, I LOVE light rooms. A view of old Dutch canal houses and trees and sky. Everything in the room is art deco wood from the 1910's-1920's.

So I am now ensconced in relative, if lonely, luxury (Rich is going to London as he is Amsterdam'ed out) on this big four poster bed with the goose down pillows and high quality sheets, playing with the wifi and icing my ankle down again.  Later I will go down for the three course tasting menu in the hotel bar. (Entire dinner with wine to cost less than 200 Norwegian kroner.) If you're gonna sprain your ankle I recommend doing your recovery like this. Greetings from Amsterdam!

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