Monday, March 12, 2012

I haven't felt like blogging lately.

Well, what I mean is, I'm never near my laptop when I feel like blogging, and then, when I am near it, I don't feel like it.


So, just fyi, I'm alive, all is ok, Spring is springing, I brought my bike out of storage today and will commence riding it tomorrow. The roads are dry and clear. I can't wait.

I hit the H&M Marni collection last week, bought too much of it, but it was really good quality. The sizing was a bit wierd and opposite my body (it had big waists, skinny legs and really tight arms, while I have a small waist, normal legs and muscular arms) but the silk tops are FABULOUS and well worth the cost, as are the shoes and the oh so awesome jewelry. Now I just need spring so I can show off in those pretty sleeveless silk tops.

Just bought a new stove for the Austin house, after a 5 minute internet search and an email. Amazing how fast you can spend a lot of money, in so few words. Whatever, the tenants are getting a really nice stove. The old one was pushing 30, I bet, so it's well time for a new one. How much you wanna bet the fridge is next?

How are you?

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  1. jaymo3:47 PM

    Know what you mean, haven't hit my blog in forever. Sometimes, you're just not feelin' it. Things are fine over here, thanks for asking. Still haven't gotten my bike out yet, but loving this warmer and sunnier weather. And as regards your house in Austin, I hope the next thing is the fridge and not the (dare I say it) HVAC system. Ouch, that can hurt! That, or a roof! But hey, you made a sacrifice to the Lords of Appliances, they should be appeased.


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