Thursday, March 29, 2012

does this happen to you?

There you are, thinking that your life is in place, perhaps boring, perhaps staid, but fairly settled, and then suddenly shit starts popping all around you, all at once, all stuff you desperately want, or things that are challenging, and your stomach is tense and you can't take a deep breath because it's all rather freaking exciting and why couldn't all this stuff have spread itself over some time instead of happening at once?

Yeah, that.

Does that happen to you? Maybe its just me, my tolerance for boredom and ennui has gotten so ingrained that the minute stuff starts happening, I go all blooey?

I feel like those toys you had, when you were a kid, a little creature on a spring, that you push down and it sits and after a few minutes the spring unwinds and suddenly the little creature goes POP and springs into the air and bounces away.

No details, nothing reportable to report, but yippee and yahoo and bouncy bouncy bouncy. Maybe the coming of spring is exacerbating things, I don't know. I just feel this year is gonna be a good year.

(Well, bouncy after a couple days as today's workout will cause me great soreness tomorrow, especially in my arms from the CHEST PRESSES FROM HELL.)


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