Thursday, February 09, 2012

WEll, shit. Go ahead and make me homesick, why don't you, NYT?

Read this article and weep if you are a Texas expat.

Then, after you are done reading that, read this and cry some more, and then get really hungry for barbeque.

Damn. I seriously want some ribs.


  1. Never been to Austin, but I'm in. Made me drool hearing about all that good, cheap TexMex chow, and fine music.

  2. Oh, I totally understand!!! Cheap everything, great fun with free Tailgating, inviting happy people, who say Yall and hold the door open for you. Gosh, homesick, too.

    I make my own pork ribs here, I've gotten pretty good at it too. Just have to go to the butcher where they cut them baby back style instead of Norwegian Style. Also, compared to other cuts of meat the ribs are a cheaper cut of meat. We eat them once a week. Finger licken good. If you want my recipe I'll share. It's easy.

  3. Tif, I make ribs, too, but they are a bit hard to find on the fly, so had to settle for the pre made ones. Didn't have time to go to Centra. Not really good, but just enough to take the edge off. Normally I get the fresh ones and marinate them in my secret sauce. (SEcret because I can't remember what i do and make it different each time.)

    Sigh. I want Tex Mex too.

  4. Karla, You must have been in my head for days. For we has ribs for dinner tonight, yummy yummy in my tummy. Glad my hubby loves his American style food. Because on top of ribs, he gets tex-mex a couple times a week. Gosh, I love Tex-Mex, too. I have never found a restaurant outside of the USA that can actually cook Tex-Mex.


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