Friday, February 03, 2012

london calling

Heading to London for a fun weekend tomorrow. Catching up with friends and family and getting to wander around my all time favorite city. I'm sharing a room with a girlfriend, and another girlfriend is coming in for the weekend, then I also get to meet up with one of my wonderful cousins and my favorite Auntie. Rich is staying here. He's giving me the weekend off. But he's gonna stay inside. Avoiding the cold.

How cold is it? THIS cold. That's fahrenheit, people!

I made sure, this trip, to pack BEFORE I had anything to drink. When we went to Berlin last October, I was slightly tipsy when I packed and ended up in Berlin with one pair of pants and 6 pairs of shoes, 2 of which were sandals. In October? I still have no idea WTF I was thinking, with that, but am pretty sure the rosé had some effect. So now I have a strict 'no drinking while packing' policy. Judging from my past performance, that is wise.

They are forecasting everything from sun to snow to rain in London, so I've packed a fairly brilliant yet compact wardrobe based on the one confirmed fact: it will be cold. Not as cold as here, in fact it will be about 25F warmer in London than here, which in normal circumstances would mean bikinis and a tan. But this winter, it means merely that I will still freeze my ass off, but not as quickly.

Brrr. Just, Brrrr.

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