Sunday, January 15, 2012

While I wait for my bath to fill up, a bullet post

  • I totally don't get the Tim Tebow thing, and I never will.
  • This is because, mainly, that I am not a football fan.
  • Never have been.
  • Yes, I know this is heresy for a Texan.
  • Bite me.
  • Anyhow, I don't get why this guy is being so lauded for his religious zealotry.
  • I wonder if people would admire him as much if he were Muslim or Buddhist.
  • Heh, I bet not.
  • I get restless this time of year.
  • Something about the cold, and the light starting to rebuild, and me being stuck inside.
  • (Funny, I talked to my mom yesterday, like I do every Saturday, and she gets like this too. Is it genetic?)
  • It usually means I clean stuff and throw shit out.
  • Today I hit my bathroom, got rid of old vitamins, hair products, etc.
  • And cleaned every shelf in there.
  • I also vacuumed, mopped the whole apartment, and completely cleaned the kitchen top to bottom.
  • I had no idea that the kitchen fan filter could get THAT disgusting.
  • Note to self, clean that sucker way more often.
  • Then I was still hyper (listening to music does that to me) so I worked out.
  • Just a small workout on my mini trampoline, with weights and stuff.
  • (I hate doing squats, but they are mighty effective!)
  • Not as big a workout as at the gym, but I could still watch the Las Vegas Pawn Stars at the same time.
  • I love that show.
  • I need to buy heavier hand weights.
  • Rich made dinner.
  • He's got the potential to be a good cook, he just needs to learn those little tricks of the trade, like what you can substitute for other stuff and that you can tweak a recipe to suit.
  • So he made a very good chicken pot pie.
  • I was impressed.
  • I'm also full.
  • Burp.
  • Back to work tomorrow.
  • Oh lord this time of year is hard.
  • No time off any time soon and just one slog after another.
  • I do have a little break coming up soon in London, though.
  • Yippee!
  • Oh, and just because I could: I bought a US size 10 leather dress the other day. SIZE FREAKING 10! it fit!
  • Squeee!


  1. jaymo5:54 AM

    Kitchen fan filter? What? You mean those things can be cleaned???

  2. Yep. They can. And should. BOY should they.


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