Sunday, January 29, 2012

good sunday

Today is turning out pretty good.

Woke up late, lazed in bed.

Watched an episode of True Blood, season 4, which I was given by a coworker. It's full of truly smoking, hot, gorgeous, TALL naked men, so I fully approve of this season. It's like porn for Karla, basically. Me likey. My goth side REALLY likey. Mmmm....

After watching that episode, I got out of bed, threw some chicken, onions, garlic and green tomatillo salsa in the slow cooker, and started cooking dinner. I love the slow cooker, you just stir every few hours and go about your day, and in 8 hours, voila! Dinner!

Went to the gym. Had a good workout, my legs will kill me tomorrow. My arms are still shaky.

Come back, checked on dinner, wow, look at me slave over a hot stove, not.

Am now watching more eps of True Blood, while drinking my new favorite drink, Riondo pink prosecco. ohmyfuckinggod is that stuff good.

Later, after dinner (see above re: slaving, etc) I will have a nice hot bath, more prosecco, and then a good night's sleep.

I rather like today. (Though I didn't do the one thing I needed to do, which is clean some shit up around here, but, eh, it will wait, it always does.) Now if you will excuse me, I think Eric Northman is about to get naked again, I don't want to miss that.

PS Holy shit, just noticed I haven't posted in 2 weeks? Really? Sorry about that, truly. I had no idea my frequency of posting has dropped that much. I will try to be better. I always mean to post, but usually at the end of the day I am so sick of computers, the last thing I want to do is be on one some more. I'll try to post more, sorry about that! (If anyone is left reading, that is....)

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  1. Glad to see you're still with us, thought maybe the cold and dark had gotten you down.


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