Monday, October 10, 2011

World's biggest dumbass

I think I deleted my comments app thingy. I kind of hate it, but I didn't mean to actually delete it!

Shit. Now I have to find it and re-install it.....


Follow up:
Hmm. Seems as though the blogger commenting saved some of it. All the ones before 2010 are gone, though. Honestly, I think it might be easier to just carry on with blogger and get rid of the former Halo/Echo/JS-Kit whatever the hell it was. I really did hate it and only kept it to keep my 7 years of comments. If they are gone, now, no point in staying with a system I hate.

Apologies to all my commenters prior to 2010.....not that you probably care!


  1. test. I might not actually care the echo/jskit, whatever the fuck it was called is gone....

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM


  3. Sorry about the comments, blogger and apps are so dumb for that. But LOVE the name of your blog, especially since I am a TexPat too ;) Too cute. Now, off to have an even better look around!

  4. TexaGermaNadian, welcome! Thought I will never be able say your handle when I'm drunk......


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