Thursday, October 27, 2011

While the potatoes roast

I'm hard at work cooking. I wanted to show Rich how tough it really is to make the yummy roasted potatoes. So I threw them (little baby amandine potatoes) into a casserole, tossed them in olive oil and sprinkled liberally with sea salt and pepper. Put in oven at 220C. He's all, that's it? And I'm all, yep.

So yeah, while I slave, what else is up.

Not much. Work has been up and down, hectic and quiet, in phases. I prefer hectic. I finished a project today that I have been working on for 5 months. Not that it has been 5 months of work, but more that I have been waiting for deliveries, logistics, timing and so on, that took what should have been fairly quick project into a 5 month monster. But now it's done and working and I am quite proud of the result.

I had my personal trainer appointment today, and afterwards I was so worn out I almost fell down some stairs when my legs were like, "WTF? I still need to carry your ass?" I also boxed for the first time today. I *liked* it. I liked it alot. What a great way to work off some steam. I put the face of some folks that annoy me on those pads the trainer held and went to town. SWEET.

Any surprise I don't punch like a girl? I think I did ok, though was surprised that it hurt my wrists. I didn't expect that! I am loving the results, though, I must say. I feel so powerful, somehow. I hope I can keep up the momentum, though the way it makes me feel is addictive and I get a bit jittery if I don't get a workout in a few times a week now.

I'm gonna go home to the States for Thanksgiving, so am planning for that. I already did my big Missoni for Target order when that whole thing happened and managed to get quite a bit of the collection. Looking forward to seeing it, it's with my parents right now. Need to do my big Amazon order (True Blood, Californication, etc etc.), and then I think I am done with online ordering. I am looking forward to shopping in person now that things are going to fit me better. Ann Taylor has some nice stuff lately, their pants fit me really well last time I shopped there, so will give them a go again for a power suit or two. Last Call and the outlets beckon as well. I think it will be somewhat warm in Austin so I might be able to have some sun time at Barton Springs or somewhere equally sunny and water oriented. I've got some nice one-on-one time planned with some good friends and will let the rest of the time fall as it may.

I'm just looking forward to sun and warmth and good Austin hospitality. Whatever else happens is gravy.....


  1. And cold beer, and yummy Texican food, and the great Austin music scene...sounds like you'll have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

  2. Jennifer9:31 AM

    Hey, girl!! Have a great time over there. You have now inspired me to do some online shopping before I show up. hadn't even thought of it.


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